"CHINA - Beauty, Mystery and Memories"

By Michael Boss
Designed by Sunell Koerner
Oil on Linen
22" X 30"
From the Collection of Laura and David Zeller, Dayton , Ohio

Shanghai, Beijing and Yangshuo... the trip of a lifetime for David and Laura Zeller. An opportunity to visit her brother, celebrate her birthday, and marvel at China's ancient beauty, culture and wisdom.

Special memories of their trip are melded together in this painting designed specifically for them. The vibrant colors in the architecture. The simple splendor of the lotus flowers. The calm, relaxing atmosphere coupled with the intense beauty of the immense landscape. The charm and hope inspired by ancient Chinese lore surrounding the Banyan tree. The mystery and awe of The Great Wall.

Laura's photo of The Great Wall of China, with its clear frontage and obscure, misty background portrays the vastness of this astonishing structure that goes seemingly on forever. Begun in the year 221 B.C. and completed in 1644 during the Ming Dynasty, this 2000-year project is unlike any other on earth. It is hard to even imagine the enormity, and the perils endured, of a man-made structure that spans over 5500 miles of dangerous mountainous terrain.

Here's to hoping that the memories preserved in this painting will be cherished during the years of good luck, eternal love, and long life promised by the ancient Chinese traditions.