"Schilling, Russia"
by Michael Boss
From the collection of Eleanor and Alton Sissell
Orangevale, California

Schilling was a port colony on the Volga River, established August 14th, 1764. The founders were Lutherans from present day Germany and other nations. The colony was on the hilly side (bergseite) of the Volga thirty-five miles southwest and downriver from Saratov.

The colony had two churches. The more "stately" one was chosen for the painting. Schilling had a grain mill on the river and served as a port for bringing in lumber and other goods for the area. The wood used for the later church in Norka was brought to Schilling and cut to size there. It was then carted on wagons overland to Norka.

Gouache on Rag Board
18" X 24"