"Wait! Did you Hear Somethin'?"

by Michael Boss/Sunell Koerner
Alykd on Linen
20" X 30"

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From the Collection of Linda Tate, Cincinnati, Ohio

After perusing images of the West Virginia "ghost town" of Giatto, Sunell Koerner suggested it would make a great ghost train painting. After several Photoshopped tries, we agreed on the way to paint the scene. Instead of a wispy, white outline of a train, the idea of a cloaked look was the way to go.

Thinking it was finished, I sent Sunell a jpg. Her comment was, "Town needs more trashy stuff.... some windows broken and/or entirely gone. Weeds (brown and/or green) high around and growing into the tracks. Maybe a barrel tipped over somewhere, etc."
With a bit more painting, I think we have the desired look!