"Angel Flight of Discovery"

by Michael Boss
Gouache on Rag Board
26" X 18"

From the Collection of Donna Stella, New Jersey

Adventurer/pilot Jimmie Angel, first sighted Auyan-tepui's, or "House of the Devil" waterfall, located in southeast Venezuela, on November 16th, 1933. Returning on October 9th, 1937 with three companions including his wife Marie, Angel landed his Cincinnati-built All Metal Aircraft Company "Flamingo" on top of the mesa. Upon landing, the Flamingo bogged down and nosed over in the marshy grass. The four were forced to walk out of the area. The trek from the falls took eleven days.

Later named in his honor, Angel Falls, or Salto Angel, is the longest free falling waterfall in the world. The water drops a total of 3,212 feet.