"Buchanan, Kansas in 1943""

by Michael Boss
Acrylic on Panel
20" X 28"

Corey and Joanne Johnson of Bogue, Kansas had an idea for a painting of Buchanan, Kansas. Corey's father, Loren grew up near the little settlement and Corey wanted a painting for his birthday on October 25th, 2018. There seemed to be only one photo of the store/gas station. The school is across the road south and back west. It is the solitary building left of the original townsite.

I thought it would be OK to go ahead. As I worked on the painting it became clear I had no connection to the little town. Finally, Corey and I figured out what was missing. Even at that, the painting was one of the toughest I have worked on in years. Finally the light shone down and it was finished!