"Buck's Grill in Hill City, Kansas in 1970"

by Michael Boss
Acrylic on Panel
20" X 30"

From the Collection of Chris Schroeder, owner of Buck's Bar and Grill, Hill City, Kansas

Buck's Grill was a true institution in Hill City. The restaurant was owned by Ralph "Buck" and Bobye Bethell.

The first restaurant burned and the second was built and opened in 1960. Having a goldmine of photos and slides taken by the late Donald Dodd, it was easy, at least in my mind, to reconstruct the look in 1970. To say the least, the painting wasn't quite as straightforward!

Chris and I decided to place his prized 1970 Ford GT 500 in front, at night, allowing the viewer to see into the lit interior of the restaurant. I think the result was well worth the effort.