March 8, 1967 - Goodland, Kansas, By Michael Boss
Fate Magazine, July 2007, Story: After 40 Years: To Tell or Not to Tell?
Casein on Rag Board
22' X 16"

From the Collection of Anna Marie and Larry Zvolanek, Osborne, Kansas

Dubbing the sighting as the Cadillac of all UFOs, newspapers from as far away as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even London were calling to get the scoop.

At 2:15 a.m., both Officer Ron Weehunt and Officer Durl Rouse spotted the UFO, each from a different vantage point. Rouse was waiting for a train to cross the tracks, but Weehunt was free to pursue. He began frogging her out at 85-90 miles per hour. The object suddenly put on a burst of speed and Weehunt lost sight of it.

Just as Weehunt was answering back to Rouses radio call, the UFO came out of nowhere, heading directly toward him. It was traveling so low that Weehunt pulled his car off into the shallow ditch on the side of the highway to avoid a collision. Weehunt got out of his car and knelt beside it as the object passed overhead. Flying at a height of about 400 feet, it left no vapor trail or sign of exhaust. Both officers agreed that it sounded similar to a vacuum cleaner.

Several sightings occurred that night throughout western Kansas. After watching the UFO for more than an hour, the officers stirred Tom Dreiling, the editor of The Goodland Daily News, out of a sound sleep. That day Dreilings newspaper headline read, Yes, Virginia, there are Unidentified Flying Objects!