"11 Year Beauty, Strong and Proud: Conoco's Lockheed Vega"
By Michael Boss
Casein on Rag Board
14" x 28"
From the Collection of Kendall, Karin and Kloe Stinemetz, Hill City, Kansas

In early 1933, Conoco purchased a Vega 5C from Lockheed Aircraft Company in Burbank, CA. Earlier, in 1929, Conoco bought out Marland Production Company and with the sale, acquired their first Lockheed Vega 5. The subject of this painting is Conoco's second Vega 5C Special, NC-12282.

Conoco's second Vega served admirably until 1944 and was sold that year in Denver . Eleven years is a long history for any of the Vegas as a company plane! Vega NC-12282 flew with various owners until its destruction by heavy snows in Anchorage , Alaska during 1954.

Painted in the Oklahoma hills...somewhere.