Foo-Foo's Fright

Summer 1957
By Michael Boss
Fate Magazine, July 2007, Story: After 40 Years: To Tell or Not to Tell?
Casein on Rag Board
16" X 22"

From the Collection of Anna Marie and Larry Zvolanek, Osborne, Kansas

Nineteen years old, blonde and carefree, Phyllis Robinson had a heavy foot, so she liked driving under the cover of darkness. Suddenly, up ahead, she noticed a bright light. Finally, it was right in front of her, practically on top of her hood.

The car stopped. The motor stopped. My watch stopped. The radio stopped. Everything went p-kewhhĶ just stopped!

She laughed, I just sat there like a dumb blonde looking at all the lights! I remember it made me mad because it turned my radio off!

ݒIt just stopped there, up in the air, hovering Ķ I couldnt figure out why it was staying there so long. She never heard a sound. Then it raised up, and just went!

Her lights came back on, the radio came back on, and she was able to once again start her car and head right back down the highway.

And she didnt tell anybody about it for a long, long, long time.