"Did They See Plasma UFOs?" An Unearthly Admiral Richard E. Byrd Story
By Mike Boss
Alkyd on Panel
30" x 16"
$1500 Unframed

Years ago, I read an article by UFO and paranormal author Joe Fex on some very strange happenings at Little America in Antarctica during the Byrd Antarctic Expedition in 1930. It would be rather lengthy to go into the story of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the possibility of mysterious things occurring on his different expeditions and missions, but there is a fair share of evidence of pointing to a cover up.

Joe came into possession of an unretouched UFO photograph which was scientifically checked in a laboratory for tampering. The image distributed for public consumption (see right of this column), at least a 1931 copy in my possession, certainly appears to have been doctored - a - plenty! For instance, a star background made by spattering paint from a toothbrush! Joe's original photograph seems to show possible plasma UFOs near the towers and was possibly sent out under wraps from the Office of Naval Intelligence...by none other than Richard Byrd.

In 2004, Joe was visiting with Texas author Jim Marrs and they were having a discussion on finding leads to anyone who flew with Byrd. The Laughllin, Nevada conversation ended in a Cosmic surprise. They happened to be sitting next to Graham Bethune, pilot and seasoned UFO researcher. He indeed vouched for the authenticity of the photograph saying the UFOs were plasma driven. He and Byrd often flew together including Operaton High Jump and in later years became close friends.

I certainly found this story intriguing to my core. Artist's license was used in bringing the Ford Tri-Motor "Floyd Bennett" out of its snow revetment.

Joe's article can be found in the March-April, 2009 issue of Fate Magazine.

An unretouched copy of Admiral Byrd's original photograph.