"What Did Hans Zinsser See?"
By Michael Boss
Alkyd on Panel
30" x 22"
$1450 Unframed

For several years I have been reading bits and pieces about hidden technology of the Germans before and during World War II. One 1945 post war affidavit which caught my attention was a report of an apparent nuclear detonation by the Germans in October of 1944. Hans Zinsser, a "flak rocket expert" is quoted as having made two flights, one at dusk in a small unnamed observation aircraft and another later at night in a Heinkel He-111 twin-engined bomber.

What Zinsser described certainly had the earmarks of a nuclear explosion. There was not enough information to be site specific even though some sources maintain the detonation was on Rugen Island located off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea. The only way I could visualize painting the scene was allegorical. I used Zinsser's rather vivid description to set the stage.

Three friends, Alan Bussie, Jim Allen and Michael Heinz Raby from Germany, really pitched in and helped with possible camouflage and markings for the Heinkel bomber. My instincts are saying they came very close. I certainly couldn't have!