"A Volga Sunrise - The Lutheran Church in Beideck, Russia"

by Mike Boss
Casein on Board
12" X 18"

From the Collection of Don and Karen Soeken, Ellicott City, Maryland

The Lutheran colony of Beideck was established in 1764 and was given its name after the first leader of the small village. The Lutheran parish was founded in 1767 on the western or Bergseite (hilly side) of the Volga. Beideck is roughly between Norka and Schilling and was the lead congregation for 11 area parishes including Schilling.

Starting in 1884, and for 31 continuous years, Beideck published a monthly Lutheran magazine entitled "Friedensbote" or Messenger of Peace. Beideck was fortunate to have a home for the elderly titled "Bethany" and an orphanage named "Nazareth."

The remains of the Lutheran Church constructed in 1907 is currently used as a civic center and library.

The Beideck church taken in 2001. A big thank you to Steve Schreiber in Portland, Oregon.