"Norka, Russia"

by Michael Boss

Oil on Linen

20" X 30"

From the collection of Steve Schreiber, Portland, Oregon 

Reformed colonists from the Hessen area of Germany founded Norka on August 15th, 1767.  The colony was on the steppes west of the Volga, about 40 miles southwest of Saratov.  Norka became one of the most financially successful colonies in the Volga region. 

One  "icon" of Norka was the big Giebelhaus Mill on the hill north of town.  The church had a pipe organ brought in from South Tyrol.  Wood for the big Kontor style church was cut, milled, and brought overland from Schilling. 

Norka was not large in depth, only a few blocks, however, the town stretched almost two miles in length!