"Phoenix Lights"
By Michael Boss
Casein on Rag board
8" x 22"
With so many thanks to the late Mike Fortson, a direct eyewitness to the Phoenix Lights, for sharing this story.

What happened on the evening of March 13, 1997 scared the daylights out of everyone who saw it. The flight instructor and his student had a bird's eye view from a Cessna Golden Eagle, while thousands of other people reported seeing it from the ground.

Flying over Prescott Valley, Arizona with the lights of Phoenix in the distance, this student pilot learned an incredible lesson... Keep your eyes open and watch where you're going because your instruments just might not see everything that's out there.

You can almost hear the gasps in their throats as the city lights below their small plane literally go out, blocked entirely by the huge black V-shaped vessel creeping by underneath them as they cruised along at about 3500 feet.

Reported to be at least a mile wide, nothing like this had ever before been seen in the skies over America. From below, the people of Arizona described seeing amber orbs on the bottom of this enormous craft, as it moved silently in perfect V formation. The same thing was seen for several nights after. Many took pictures and captured video of the sightings now known as, The Phoenix Lights.

No one has ever explained what happened. Fife Symington, as former Governor of Arizona, finally belatedly admitted that, "In your gut you could just tell it was other-worldly."