"That Boy and His Airplanes!"- The Pig Cafˆ© in Harlingen, Texas

by Mike Boss
Oil on Canvas
22" X 28"
From the Collection of Carol Hobbs, Hill City, Kansas

Once in a while a classic drops in and the Pig Cafˆ© is one of those. The pig was probably built in the very late 1920s.The Pig Cafˆ© had a very subtle and curvy Art Deco design.

Originally it was constructed with drive-in windows on the front and sides. Later in life, the windows were removed and the belly of the Pig became the entrance to the restaurant.

I had been tempted to paint an airplane in earlier diners, but none seemed quite right for that. The Pig was the perfect fit. A little boy who put off his hamburger to wave at the pilot and dream of being up there.