"Somewhere on the Eastern Front"

by Michael Boss
Alkyd on Panel
12" X 16"

From a Private Collection

Much is written on the Hermann Pohlmann designed Junkers Ju 87 first flown in 1935. !937 saw the first combat for the Stuka participating in with the Luftwaffe Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War. Later the Stuka was flown in many regions for the Axis Powers continuing into 1945.

The Stuka was noted for its inverted gull wing and fixed spatted undercarriage.

I chose to paint an Eastern Front Stuka c.1941/1942 resting at night. The normal upper two tone green camouflage was covered with hastily applied white paint. This particular Stuka had an eyes and teeth painted on the engine cowling. That subtlety led to my choosing this particular subject.

A farmer has stopped to look at the big bird in an open field.