"The Space Shuttle Challenger"
By Mike Boss
Acrylic on Panel
20" x 16"

From the Collection of Cathy and Steve Sandlin, Vancouver, Washington.

Sometime in the early 80s, I had painted a shuttle for Steve when he lived in Kansas. A recent accident resulted in the loss of that painting. In 2013 Steve and Cathy asked me to paint a replacement. What a difference 30 or so years make.

Challenger, Flight (STS 51-L) was lost on 28 January, 1986. There is no need to write any history for this page as the sad, sad loss is well documented.

Crew members were:

Francis R. Scobee - Mission Commander

Michael J. Smith - Pilot

Gregory B. Jarvis - Payload Specialist 1

Christa McAuliffe - Payload Specialist 2

Judith A. Resnik - Mission Specialist 1

Ellison S. Onizuka - Mission Specialist 2

Ronald E. McNair - Mission Specialist 3