"St. Peter, Kansas in 1917"

by Michael Boss
Gouache on Rag Board
14’Δω X 18"

From the collection of Sandi King, Chicago, Illinois

In the summer of 2005, I received a phone call from Sandi King who lives in the Chicago area.  She had seen Steve Schreiber's website and Mary Wilmott's paintings of St. Peter, KS. 

After visiting, we decided her mother, Mary, a native of St.Peter would enjoy a bit of humor in her painting.  So it was a fun time putting the sister's outhouse, or nusnick, in the painting.

Sandi asked if I could add sunflowers too, and being typically Kansas, I added a Western Meadowlark perched on the outhouse! 

Her mother said, "He must have grown up there.  The nun's even have the right habits!’Δω