"Bobbie: Project Blue Book Case No. 1313: Case Closed!"

by Michael Boss
Alkyd on Panel
28" X 20"
From the Collection of Preston Foster, Metropolis, Illinois

In the fall of 2008 I was reading Frank Feschino's highly intriguing book "Shoot Them Down! The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952." I was quite taken by an account of Marine Corsair pilots having an encounter with a UFO over North Korea on the 20th of June in 1952. The Corsair/UFO action was listed in Project Blue Book as case number 1313. In the account, the UFO twice circled the Corsairs and Captain Bobbie Foster then rolled over and gave chase to the UFO.

After some time of net searching I was able to find Preston , the son of Bobbie Foster.
With just a hint of trepidation, I called Preston in August of 2008 and asked if he knew anything about Bobbie and his UFO encounter. As best as I can remember, Pres answered "I thought I knew most everything about my dad, but I haven't heard this story." It didn't take long to cement a great friendship with Pres. Early in 2009, Pres telephoned and asked if I was sitting down. He had found the letter from Bobbie to his wife Vlasta describing the incident. Yes, it was written the day of the encounter!
Making Bobbie's story more mysterious, Feschino states in his book, the UFO Air Wars nightmare started in the United States , on the 21st of June in 1952. That very same day Bobbie Foster was listed as Killed in Action over North Korea .

With all of the great chromes Bobbie took in Korea, and jpgs graciously supplied by Preston , I had more than enough reference and special thoughts for painting the encounter.

Semper Fi, Bobbie!

Preston Foster's Story

As the ever wise Yogi Berra observed, "if you don't know where you're going, you might wind up someplace else."

Mike Boss found my posting on the Korean War Project http://www.koreanwar.org/index.html: My Father Capt. Bobbie Foster served/flew with the Devil Cats from March, 1952 until he was KIA 21 June 1952. I have inherited a set of 35 mm slides from that tour and am digitizing those. I will gladly forward digital copies if requested. 7 OCT 2005.

On August 13, 2008, Mike introduced himself over the telephone: "Did you know that on the day before your Father was lost that he reported a UFO to Project Blue Book?" 15 months later I am looking at a print of "Bobbie. Project Blue Book Case No.1313: Case Closed!"

Michael continues to surprise me with his insatiable curiosity, his vision, and his creative connectedness.

Who knew that all those 35mm snapshots Dad took in 1952 would fuel a new friendship and inspire a gifted artist and friend to paint a fitting memorial to Dad's life and mission?

Thank you, Michael.
Semper Fi, Dad. I love you.
Preston Foster

Note: Bobbie Foster's Vought F4U Corsair was numbered 62993, which is listed on the image above. Thank you Captain Foster, for your sacrifices, and service to our country.